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Is a 3/4 bed big enough?Three Quarter or Single bed

A single bed is adequate enough for someone sleeping on their own. It is the most popular size used by children and adults alike.

Larger people, teenagers or singles who use a 3/4 bed would benefit from the extra space over time, as they will have a greater feeling of comfort within the space that a 3/4 bed provides. A 3/4 bed is better for longer periods of time.
3/4 bed

3/4 Bed size - Width

Measured from outside to outside, across the head or the foot of the 3/4 bed, the size should be approximately 107cm. Due to the materials used in the construction of the bed there can be a slight variance in the size.

3/4 Bed size - Length

Three quarter beds are available in 2 standard lengths (most manufacturers offer both).
  • 188cm - By far the most popular size and referred to as Standard Length.
  • 200cm - At 12cm longer it's referred to as Extra Length.
When deciding on what length to buy, you should take into account your height and the size of your room. Generally extra length beds tend to cost between 10 - 15% more.

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Is price of a bed important?Is quality & price important

Your rest - the amount and quality of your sleep - is a critical factor in your overall well being. It can affect how you feel physically and mentally as well as your productivity.

Accordingly, we urge you to invest in your rest. Spend enough on a mattress to ensure that your comfort and support needs are being met. Be sure not to short-change yourself out of a good, quality night's sleep.